Hand Sanitizer Liquid 5 liter

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5 L Bulk Hand Sanitizer, composed inline with the WHO formula.  Suited for either household and commercial use.  Please adhere to safety measures on the label of the product.

  • 75-80% alcohol-based
  • same day delivery
  • inline with WHO manufacturing guidelines
  • ASTM and EN Standards
  • free delivery in Bloemfontein, SA
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Our choice of components for our 5 Litre Hand Sanitizer takes into account both cost constraints and microbiological efficacy.

Our procurement of raw ingredients is influenced by the availability of sub-standard materials on the market and it is important for us to select local sources with care.

The following two alcohol-based hand sanitizer formulations are recommended:

Formulation 1
Final concentrations of ethanol 80% v/v, glycerol 1.45% v/v, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 0.125% v/v.

Formulation 2
Final concentrations of isopropyl alcohol 75% v/v, glycerol 1.45% v/v, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 0.125% v/v: Only pharmacopoeial quality reagents are used and not technical grade products.

According to the available evidence on efficacy, tolerability and costeffectiveness. WHO recommends using an alcohol-based handrub for routine hand antisepsis in most clinical situations. Health-care facilities currently using commercially-available handrubs, liquid soaps and skin care products sold in disposable containers should continue this practice. Provided that the handrubs meet recognised standards for microbicidal efficacy (ASTM or EN standards) and are well accepted/tolerated by the health-care workers. To help countries and health-care facilities to achieve system change and adopt alcohol based handrubs, WHO has identified formulations for their local preparation. Logistic, economic, safety, cultural and religious factors have all been carefully considered by WHO before recommending such formulations for use worldwide.

We are confident that our Bulk Hand Sanitizer Johannesburg conforms to the regulations and requirements as set out from the WHO.

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