Business Summary

GM Medical Solutions is operational from January 2013 with only myself representing Karl Storz Endoscopy at that stage. In April 2013 I have taken on a partner Jacobus Kraftt with agencies BARD Medical and Kimberly Clark. In June 2013 we have appointed an extra sales consultant who was with GM Medical Solutions for two years and left for Covidien in April 2015. In March 2014 I have taken on NEO Medical and have appointed a dedictaed sales consultant for the companies Kimberly Clark and NEO Medical. She has left GM Medical and joined Torque Medical a year later.

Jacobus Kraftt resigned as partner and started up the company Africoncour, currently a market leader in Neurology in South Africa.
The vision of GM Medical Solutions has since then changed to a model of partners who full fill the role of the sales consultants. This strategy ensure the commitment towards each other and companies we are representing and prevent being a “stepping stone” to bigger multi national companies.

Vian Bester has joined GM Medical Solutions as a partner in April 2015 and merge Akacia Healthcare as an agency into the business. PainSol and Dr Temp also became agencies of GM Medical Solutions in 2016.

Lizanne and Marlo joined GM Medical Solutions as a non partner in May 2016 and GENOP Healthcare who mainly focus on Opthalmologists become the responsibility of Lizanne who is a qualified Optometrist.

JP, our Admin and Logistic Manager also enrolled in a 4year BComm degree (part time) at the University of the Free State. GM Medical Solutions is giving him the financial support and by doing this we invest in a better future with the company.

The only agency we have given up since 2013 was Condor Medical who was selling Cardiac Stents. As a fairly new company in the field of cardiology, it was difficult to compete on product differentiation and price.

Our success at GM Medical Solutions over the years are measured in reliability, service and quality of our products, partners and employees.

Company History

GM Medical Solutions have been founded in 2009 by Gawie Rossouw and is based in Bloemfontein. The main vision is to remain attentive and flexible to our customers’ needs in being approachable to react accordingly and to bring quality solutions to the healthcare industry.

With Endoscopy as a background, the company started to manufacture Endo-LAP Trainers to full fill the training needs of the laparoscopic surgeon.

Since January 2013, GM Medical Solutions expanded to became an agent for leading Medical Companies in the Free State, Northern Cape and Vryburg.

Company Model

GM Medical Solutions act as a sales agent for various medical companies. We are only working on commission. We are responsible for the selling and marketing of surgical and pharmaceutical products and invoice the companies on a monthly basis for total sales. The percentage commission is determined by the current sales in the territory vs the potential sales. This model is ideal for companies who does not have footprint in our territory, the overheads are low and the drive to make sales are big as we are working on commission only. Our partners fulfill the role as sales consultants that enable us to keep touch with our clients and to act to our clients demand.We are also looking in opportunities where we can become a National Distributor of medical devices and have National footprint.

Company Size
  • Currently a team of 6 people.
  • Two business partners and four sales consultants.
  • The admin and case supporter assist where needed in the field.
  • There is a dedicated Clinical Engineer who is full time employed by Karl Storz Endoscopy SA.
  • We have a dedicated office in Bloemfontein of +/- 100 m2.
  • You will find that each sales consultant is responsible for specific companies.
Manufacturer of:

Business History and References

(60 months)
Ref: Peter le Roux – Managing Director

(55 months)
Ref: Piet du Preez – National Sales Manager

(54 months)
Ref: Bernadette Barker – General Manager

(41 months)
Ref: Graham Ballman – General Manager

(32 months)
Ref: Henk Botha – National Sales Manager

(21 months)
Ref: Ian Rapson – National Sales Manager

(17 months)
Ref: Janice Webb – National Product Manager

(Leica and Elcon 13 months)
Ref: Hedley Isserow – Sales Director

(10 months)
Ref: Charles Dippenaar – Managing Director

(6 months)
Ref: Riana Bester – Operational Manager

(35 months)
Ref: Jaco van der Walt – Managing Director